Blog Beast Review

The New Platform Blog Beast and Its Features


Many companies are looking towards Empower Network’s latest development of Blog Beast. Taking a year to develop and three million dollars as well, this new system has many features that have not yet been available through other blog software. Companies can now maintain many blogs at once amongst multiple domains using only one login and account.

This makes using the Blog Beast much easier and faster with a more efficient design than other blogging platforms.

Blog Beast Features

One of the Blog Beast features includes its mobile app. This will sync with your computer and smartphone systems for blogging in ways which you haven’t seen before. Before, other platforms have put out mobile apps which were lack-luster at best, and did not have so many features.

On the contrary, the Blog Beast app will give you the same experience that users are enjoying on the web to their mobile devices. Platforms such as Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr do not offer some of the important benefits and features that users will enjoy with the Blog Beast system.

This new system also makes it easy for just about anyone to blog, letting users record audio or video with the help of a mobile app. With just two easy clicks, you can post a video or podcast from your computer or smartphone, truly making Blog Beast the easiest platform to use so far.

Sharing is also much easier since the platform lets you re-blog posts from other sites, while maintaining the credit of the original author, and posting the content in their own blogs. There is also a new feature for commenting that lets readers share their comments and the actual blog on social media sites that links back to the blog post of origin.

The Blog Beast Marketing System

Additional Features

You will also find things like blogging training, leadership and marketing, plus customer relationship management system, which lets businesses access their back office, view transactions and sales, plus send email blasts to specific groups of customers.

As you can see, this new platform has several benefits that can benefit your business’ blogging capabilities. Plus, the cost of Blog Beast is also affordable, coming in at only twenty-five dollars per month.

Blog Beast is set to launch on October 11th to the public. Many people that are already in Empower Network will be grandfathered into the new system. Those that want to get in before the public to take advantage of the massive launch of Blog Beast should visit the official Blog Beast site.

If you wish to find out more information Blog Beast by Empower Network, visit as they have a closer look at how the system works.