How To Make Money Online Blogging

Many people find that blogging is a great way to express themselves. For some, blogging is much more than writing an online journal. It is a way of life. Several people get excited at the thought of making money online doing something they love without realizing that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication in order to make money blogging.


How To Blog Online For Money

Whether entering this business as a way to make money from home or a way to express oneself, the blogger must be creative and have some online business savvy. Like most careers, it is difficult to get started, even if the work seems simple. This is because having a blog means participating in a constant popularity contest through search engines. To learn how to make money online, one first needs to familiarize themselves with how to promote their posts in order to boost traffic.

To start making money, think of a topic that people want to know about. Find a few popular topics and write several posts for the blog. Be sure to uses tags and references whenever possible. The better the writing is, the more likely it is to be picked up by search engines and re-read by visitors. Before looking for monetary gain, one should have at least ten posts and a decent amount of traffic. Many affiliates will not take the blogging opportunity seriously if there is a lack of content or no one seems interested in the topics.

While an initial design is important, it’s much easier to tweak ideas after some content is written. The way posts look on the screen and navigation need to be taken into account. While redesigning a blog is great later on, it can cause lag or downtime, which is a disappoint to many readers. By perfecting a design before seeking advertisers, one is reducing the odds that a potential advertiser cannot view the site or has difficulty reading posts.

Making Money Online From Blogging

After satisfied with the blog’s design, initial content and traffic, the blogger can start to find ways to get money by writing posts. Many advertisers need to market their products and drive traffic through personal recommendations. To them, a blog is another voice that promotes their product or service. Businesses will pay money for a casual mention in a blog post and a hyperlink that encourages readers to buy.


In order to find one of these businesses, one usually needs to get involved in a social network or affiliate marketing program that helps unite bloggers and companies. Many of these hyperlinks will pay per click or flat fees can be arranged. If one doesn’t want to be a part of a third party marketing company, they will need to be really good at advertising and promoting themselves. Having a simple “advertise here” section usually isn’t the answer, local networking events and replying to internet ads will help one do business with their client directly.

How To Make Money With A Blog

Some companies will also pay for in-depth product reviews. These are usually aimed at getting potential buyers hyped about a new type of product or service. This method can easily be combined with an affiliate marketing program that pays the blogger a portion of sales. Affiliate marketing gives the blogger more of an invested interest in the product or service, so they tend to promote it better than simple pay per click advertising.

Another way to make money with a blog is to outright sell advertising space. The downside of this is that it can defer readers from looking at the site. One or two ads are usually bearable to a reader, however, when the entire blog is covered in advertisements it looks unprofessional. A professional blogger will always post ads that are related to the topics they discuss. Having unrelated ads distracts the reader and can often make them lose interest in the blog, ultimately reducing traffic.

In order to see the most income from blogging, one must use a combination of all three methods. This will help them to widen their sources of income, as things constantly change with online businesses. By diversifying onto more blogs, the blogger is ensuring job security. This is why most professional bloggers have multiple blogs and receive a variety of advertising revenue.